MechCOMP CFD & Prototyping

What distinguishes MechCOMP is the focus on the entire chain, from idea to physical prototypes and products. Within this process major effort is dedicated to advanced analysis and simulations, with emphasis on fluid dynamics and heat transfer. The first step in this process is the design process and the final stage is the 3D prototyping. 3D scanning is the new step that completes the chain.

Mechanical design & stress analysis

3D modelling and design of concepts. These models are suited for property analysis and prototyping. 3D models can also be used for drafting and visual perception.


CNC - Prototyping

Free form manufacturing of foam based prototypes. These prototypes can be used directly for further finishing or as a base for mold and part production.

(equipment currently beeing updated to servo engine drive, finished late 2014)

Fluid dynamics & Heat transfer analysis

Computer based simulations of fluid flow and heat transfer character and behavior. Typical applications are aero-/ hydro-dynamical performance, pressure loss and flow distribution, cooling performance and heat transfer, and climate comfort. Thermal Managment is a focus area.

3D - scanning

This feature is not yet up running, but is planned to be ready for action during late 2014.

This device will provide interesting possibilities and improvements, both regarding the analysis and the prototyping process.