MC-X1 sports car

The first demo case provided by MechCOMP is the MC-X1 simplified sports car. This model is used to illustrate different, but common, applications of CFD as methodology.

The simple MC-X1 demo vehicle is designed by MechCOMP and is aimed at demonstrating different applications of CFD. The simulation is in full 3D and modeled with RANS.


The MC-X1 provides several different areas of investigation. Some of these are:

  1. Overall aerodynamical performance.
  2. Detailed analysis of spoiler performance.
  3. Design and performance of ram-air intake.
  4. Cooling system performance including fans.
  5. Pressure loss in liquid pipe/channel flow.
  6. Pressure loss in gas pipe/channel flow.
  7. Conjugate heat transfer with radiation for exhaust components.
  8. Cooling of brake components.
  9. Ventilation of the engine compartment.
  10. HVAC and cockpit comfort.
  11. Cooling of ECU heat sink.
  12. Dual stream, multiphase CHT of engine/gearbox oil.


These studies should be thought of as hypothetical studies, only used as demonstration cases showing the capabilities of CFD and what kind of service MechCOMP can offer.