The philosophy at MechCOMP is to provide the complete process, from idea to physical prototypes and products. This includes mechanical design and property analysis. The concept is illustrated below.

The flow chart illustrates the complete process, from idea to physical prototypes (and mold manufacturing). Of course any combination of the included steps is offered.


Mechanical design (link)

The design step represents generation of 2D and mainly 3D models. These models are used for visual observation, dynamical analysis, FEM and/or CFD simulations and as input to the prototype manufacturing. (With the 3D scanning possibilities the design process becomes more flexible.)

CFD analysis (link)

Computational Fluid Dynamics is a sophisticated technique used to study the dynamics and properties of fluid flow and heat transfer.


FEM analysis (link)

The FEM step represents basic stress analysis of mechanical constructions. Several other possibilities do exist, but these are not considered here.

Prototyping (link)

Contrary to the above virtual techniques, this step is where the transformation into physical representations takes place.

This is done by a 4-axis CNC milling machine.


Mold (link)

The prototypes does not represent a final product. Thus, molds must be made in order to, as a second step, allow manufacturing of the final product. The final product can be made out of composite material (fibre reinforced polymer or concrete) and metal.