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MechCOMP started as a hobby project for some years ago. The initiator is me Thomas Hallqvist. My driving force is a solid interest in technology. This interest has followed me as long as I can remember. It all started with building Lego models, then design and construction of homemade RC vehicles, thereafter design and construction of ride-able smaller vehicles (some can be found on this homepage).


Additional to the practical experiences that I got I performed theoretical studies within mechanical design and solid/fluid mechanics. Finally I got a professional carrier as mechanical design engineer, and later CFD/heat transfer engineer.


My interest into fluid mechanics and heat transfer was accelerated during my PhD studies that I began in year 2000.


Parallel to my theoretical carrier I’ve, similar to my younger years, worked practically, with the design and construction of a Viper GTS-r replica (link). Parallel to fluid mechanics activities I’ve also worked with various CAD projects. (For more details on my experiences see link).


My aim with this business is mainly to get the possibility to work with what really thrills me, currently on a half time basis. Thus this activity is in rather small scale with limited resources when it comes to both software and hardware capabilities.

The dream is of course to have a larger full time business with all kinds of software’s and a large cluster and a state of the art CNC milling machine for the prototype production. But it all starts here, and maybe the dream will come true some day.

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