On the market there are several different software available for CAD, CFD and FEM. The majority of the, more well known ones, are commercial products. Additionally there are some open source, or consumer products, that provides comparable results but often with the sacrifice of user friendliness. Furthermore, verified advanced models may be available much later to the common user as compared to commercial products. This problem may inspire the user to develop own modules for specific areas of modeling.


At MechCOMP the aim is to maximize the use of open source products and do parallel development of in-house modules. Still some commercial products are needed in order to get a reasonable functional process and limit the work load. When it comes to CFD the basic code is Open Foam. Coupled to Open Foam there are in-house modules for, among other things, heat exchangers, porosity and heat transfer. Also fan modeling have been worked with to some extent. Coupled to Open Foam there are, both commercial and free packages, available out there that increase the ease of use. Examples are Caedium and CAELinux, respectively. Contrary to traditional commercial softwares there is no limitation on computational cores for these kind of products.


Also for CAD/FEM there are several affordable and open source products. To name a few: Blender, CAELinux, Salome, ViaCAD, Calculix and lisaFEA.