Design & FEM

The design process represents one of the initial stages within product development. This stage is often of an iterative character as analysis and/or physical tests, and also the visual appearance, may cause changes to the initial idea.

3D CAD modelling

Mechanical design constitutes a mandatory step for, more or less, all types of applied simulations and free form prototyping. The main focus is on 3D models. These can be made with help from simple sketches, images or physical objects. Often the purpose with the CAD modelling is only to generate drawings and 3D illustrations, for manufacturing, such as welded constructions.


Dynamical analysis

Additional to the static CAD model dynamical analysis is often performed in order to study the motion of the considered concept. This can be an efficient tool, in order to get a better feeling for the functionality of the final product and also to investigate possible assembling. Additionally dynamical simulations is powerful for demonstrating and marketing the concept in different type of forums.


Stress analysis (FEM - Finite Element Method)

In many cases the strength of the design must be assessed by stress analysis. This may be done by a varying degree of complexity. The stress analysis performed by MechCOMP focus, currently, only on statical scenarios. The dynamical impact may be accounted for, to some extent, by modifying the statical loads. Examples of static stress analysis can be found in the left slide show.